Our Mission

Mission: the mission of AmorNow is simple. charles de gaulle airport transfers It enables people with mutual
interests and similar views to the world to connect and establish
relationship between them. It clears all the obstacles and barriers in the
real world, it is completely private and secure, thus, anyone can roam freely
to his/hers personal choosing and preferences. AmorNow invites all
individuals to join and exploit the benefits of free, unrestricted dating. The
benefits on the other hand are that it eliminates some of the well-known
negative aspects of the today’s running dating sites and social networks.
We encourage diversity and everyone personal opinion and choosing
to exploit AmorNow freely and without constraints.

1. The ability to block my profile from my ex (by their email address).
2. The ability to block users by university attended.
3. Elimination of ‘The first things people usually notice about me…”
4. A filter to block all pictures.

5. Some type of cleverness profile search.
6. Digital verification of male height.
7. A ‘Viewed Profile’ check-box.

8. A character minimum that requires initial messages contain more than
four characters.
9. Free anonymous browsing.
10. An automatic block of the words ‘I don’t really’ from the Interest
sections of profiles.
11. Smarter location filtering.
12. They’re needs to be agrammer filter.

13. A search category for musicians.

14. A profile to message copy & paste.
15. A 30-second time-enforced minimum of viewing my profile you must
fulfill before contacting me.
16. A un-track-me option that has the ability to make certain message
threads private, from the parent dating site that is.

17. A post-date comments section

18. A drop down section under interests with suggested questions I can
send as messages without the profile page.